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Crop Risk Management Plan:


Whether your revenue goals target is to hit your break-even cost or to have a return on investment of 25%, let us sit down with you and break down your per acre cost, set profitable grain marketing goals, and formulate a risk management plan that will help you to keep your costs low while protecting and maintaining your crop's health. 



Livestock Risk Management Plan:

From farrow to finish or picking up recently weaned calves at the sale barn, we can help you determine the optimum finish weight, set a target break-even cost and work to surpass it through rigorous management practices that will help keep mortality low and profit per head high.

Advanced Market Report:

Stay ahead of the market by getting up to date news from reports when they are released. Combine this with our marketing strategies offered through our risk management programs. 

Rates start at $60 per year.




Investment Analysis: 



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