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Orchards (Pecan, Fruit)

We offer these insurance products for orchards 

  • Hail Insurance:

    • Up to $1000 of guaranteed coverage per acre.

    • Insurance rates vary based on the county.

  • Multi-Peril/Revenue Insurance:

    • Insures tree fruit, NOT the tree, from a wide variety of natural causes of loss​

    • Apple Orchards

      • MPCI coverage available outright for Tama, Johnson, and Green counties in Iowa; producers in other Iowa counties must sign a written agreement to be granted coverage. 

      • Coverage begins on or after November 21st and ends November 5th or with crop harvest or destruction. Acreage reporting is due January 15th.

    • Pecan Revenue Insurance

      • Provides an indemnity when a producers' ​actual revenue is less than their guaranteed coverage level.  

      • Iowa and Missouri producers must sign a written agreement to be granted coverage

  • Whole Farm Insurance:

    • Producers can insure a percentage of their average annual revenue.

    • Indemnities are awarded if the year's revenue falls below the insured level.

    • Multiple crops and livestock types can be enrolled in one Whole Farm plan.

    • Subsidies are available for new producers and producers with 2 or more commodities.

    • Ideal for diverse operations, organic producers, and crops that are ineligible for individual insurance options.

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