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Vineyards & Grape Insurance

Years ago, Iowa used to be one of the nation's largest grape-producing states.  As Iowa's grape and wine industry continues to expand in prominence, AgriPeril wants to help ensure our clients are protected from losses.  Our Grape Vineyard Insurance products include:

  • Hail Insurance:

    • Up to $1000 of guaranteed coverage per acre.

    • Insurance rates vary based on the county.

  • Whole Farm Revenue Protection:

    • Producers can insure a percentage of their average annual revenue.

    • Indemnities are awarded if the year's revenue falls below the insured level.

    • Multiple crops and livestock types can be enrolled in one Whole Farm plan.

    • Subsidies are available for new producers and producers with 2 or more commodities.

    • Ideal for diverse operations, organic producers, and crops that are ineligible for individual insurance options.

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