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Whole-Farm Revenue Protection

Whole-Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP) is a form of MPCI that covers all commodities on a farm under one policy, ensuring combined revenue protection.  This plan is for farms with insured revenues below $8.5 Million and is perfect for diverse operations that sell in specialty, local, or organic markets.  WFRP protects your farm against a loss in farm revenue that you expect to earn from:

  • Commodities you produce during the insurance period, whether they are sold or not.

  • Commodities you buy for resale during the insurance period.

  • All commodities except timber, forest products, and animals for sport or pets.

Replant Coverage is also provided under WFRP.  A minimum number of commodities is required for diversification and certain coverage levels.  Essentially, commodities must contribute a sizable amount to the overall farm revenue to count towards diversification.​

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