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Multi-Peril Crop Insurance

Multi-Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) is a federally subsidized program that offers farmers protection from losses caused by many natural causes such as:

  • Drought

  • Excessive Moisture

  • Freeze

  • Disease

MPCI can be purchased through a variety of indemnity frameworks, however, YP and RP are the most popular:

  • Yield Protection - this will provide an indemnity if your yield is below the insured level and acts as a production guarantee.

  • Revenue Protection - this provides an indemnity if your revenue is below the insured revenue level and protects the farmer against price fluctuations.

MPCI also comes with the two following coverages in addition to Yield or Revenue Protection:

  • Prevented Planting Coverage - provides a payment to farmers that are unable to plant their crops due to an insured cause such as excessive moisture.

  • Replant Coverage - gives a payment to a farmer to replant an insured crop that was damaged due to an insurable cause.

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