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Crop-Hail Insurance

Crop-Hail Insurance is a Rain and Hail product offered by AgriPeril that offers farmers protection from losses caused by Hail and/or Fire.  Other coverage plans provided are:

  • Fire Department Service Charges

  • Transit Coverage to the First Place of Storage

  • Catastrophe Loss Award (most coverages)

  • Replanting Coverage (most crops)

Payment is provided on an acre-by-acre basis, so only damaged portions of a field will receive a payment.  Crop-Hail may be coupled with an MPCI policy.  Common endorsements for Crop-Hail include:

  • Wind Coverage for Corn - this covers the farmer for stalks that break above the root but below the ear (Greensnap) because of natural wind and for stalks that have also been blown down or bent by natural wind (Lodging).

  • Extra Harvest Expense Coverage for Corn - this provides coverage for the additional costs of harvesting corn that was damaged on account of Greensnap or Lodging. 

  • Stored Grain Coverage - Coverage for stored grain that is lost due to theft, malicious intent, explosion, fire, lightning, or wind.

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